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Mothers OnA Mission28 is a 501 c (3)  nonprofit organization that supports survivors of at-risk communities and individuals who are reentering back into civilization. We provide clinical support for all victims of violence & and reentry participants by utilizing our restorative healing forum. We focus on our participants' needs while utilizing holistic and trauma-informed care approaches.



Hope & Healing

Mothers On A Mission28 has a rich history of empowering communities and supporting survivors of violence and returning citizens in Westside Chicago. Founded by Bertha Purnell, a respected figure in the community, the organization has grown exponentially since its inception.

Transformative Strategic Processing Plan

In 2021, Mothers On A Mission28 underwent a transformative change with the implementation of a new strategic processing plan, spearheaded by Corine Logic's, LLC. This strategic initiative not only revolutionized the organization's approach but also significantly increased funding and enhanced the evidence-based survivors support and reentry program.

Expanded Impact

Thanks to the strategic processing plan, Mothers On A Mission28 has forged impactful partnerships and expanded its reach to assist not only survivors but also the youth of survivors' adults through Reese Angels4. This expansion allows the organization to provide comprehensive support and resources to a broader spectrum of individuals in need.

Evidence-Based Support and Reentry Programs

The implementation of evidence-based support and reentry programs has been instrumental in equipping survivors and returning citizens with the tools and resources needed for successful reintegration into society. These programs focus on holistic care, addressing not only immediate needs but also underlying systemic issues contributing to violence and recidivism.

Community Partnerships

Mothers On A Mission28 has cultivated strong partnerships within the community, government agencies, and other nonprofit organizations. These partnerships have enabled the organization to leverage resources, share best practices, and maximize its impact on the community.

Continued Commitment

As Mothers On A Mission28 continues its mission to empower individuals and communities, its commitment to excellence and innovation remains unwavering. Through strategic planning, evidence-based programs, and collaborative partnerships, the organization strives to be a beacon of hope and catalyst for positive change in Westside Chicago.


Mothers OnA Mission28 envisions a society where survivors of at-risk communities and individuals reentering civilization find comprehensive support and a pathway to healing. Our vision is to create a community where every person, regardless of their past experiences, is empowered to rebuild their lives and contribute positively to society. We strive for a future where the cycle of violence is broken, and individuals are embraced with holistic care and understanding.



Mothers OnA Mission28 aims to empower at-risk communities and transform lives through holistic initiatives. Our goals include fostering resilience, building community engagement, providing comprehensive support services, expanding program reach, ensuring financial sustainability, prioritizing staff development, leveraging technology for efficiency, advocating for systemic change, transparently communicating impact, establishing crisis preparedness, maintaining continuous community feedback, and increasing organizational awareness. These goals reflect our commitment to creating lasting positive change in the communities we serve.

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