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  • Belief in a Higher Power or Consciousness

  • Find or create a space for healing

  • Practice baby steps and leaps of faith

  • Face my fears

  • Learn to forgive and what forgiveness means

  • Find a creative outlet for my grief

  • Embrace my authentic self

  • Give back to help other survivors

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Hope & Healing

Mothers OnA Mission 28 is an organization that supports survivors and their connected communities. We provide a free confidential bi-monthly support group for families who have suffered loss through violence facilitated in a restorative healing forum.

We only speak our truth and only tell our stories. We listen to the individual needs of our participants and connect them to services they voice that are needed for them. One-to-one services are done weekly and as needed. We also use healing practices such as yoga, meditation, nature-play and healing circles.

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“The thought of hope is the seed to healing.”
― Shilpa Menon

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Bertha Purnell is the founder and CEO of Mothers OnA Mission 28. Her organization started after the murder of her youngest son, Maurice. She is an advocate for survivors, believes in recreating safe and thriving communities, reducing trauma and finding ways for healthy healing. Her support groups are ran with hope and healing at the forefront. As an advocate, Ms. Purnell works with the Illinois Office of the Attorney General to ensure the information she provides for  community members about the Crime Victims Compensation form is the most up to date. She has completed community building,  restorative justice and domestic violence training. She is a nurse and is certified in case management. She is a Chapter Coordinator for Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice (CSSJ); she serves on the board of Nature120 and Axon Community Board and partners with Moms Demand Action. She previously served as Chair of the Gun Violence Task Force and was on the board of the Funeral Home Task Force. Ms. Purnell is a team player always looking for ways to unify and build community. 

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Chicago native, Tara Campbell, brings a body of work expanding over twenty years of advocacy for survivors of domestic violence and community violence. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia College Chicago in Communication and a Master of Science in Non-Profit Management from Spertus Institute.  Tara facilitates sessions on “Self Care and Spirituality” within the Metropolitan Peace Academy, where she is an Academy Training Manager. The academy's framework rooted in nonviolence, trauma-informed care, hyper-local collaboration and restorative justice practices providing a comprehensive, long-term approach to reducing violence and gang activity. Working alongside Bertha Purnell, Founder of Mothers OnA Mission 28, Tara helps to build a community for those who have been directly impacted by violence. 

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